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Upgraded Diesel EGR Cooler Kit

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EGR coolers use engine coolant to reduce exhaust gas temperatures before the gas is recirculated through the intake system. Reducing exhaust gas temperatures is critical for reducing NOx emissions. Plus, engines that run with higher EGR temperature don’t adequately cool the combustion, which can reduce the life expectancy of the EGR valve, engine valves, and head gaskets.

But not all EGR coolers are the same. The original equipment EGR cooler’s fin-and-tube-style design is prone to clogging and leaking. Additionally, many aftermarket EGR coolers feature various tube designs that do not provide the necessary cooling. Providing a superior alternative to the OE and competition's designs, we're proud to offer our ECK1 Diesel EGR Cooler Kit with an upgraded 20 spiral tube design.

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